We work with talented international artists to create unique and meaningful designs.

We then screen print only 500 t'shirts of each design and offer a numbered certificate for your unique production number.

Kromatz t'shirts are a new way to express yourself by wearing something meaningful.

About us

We are a young couple of adventurous entrepreneurs and always eager to change the world, we wanted to do something we would be proud of, so we decided to start a clothing brand with a thoughtful message. No texts, no phrases, plain perfectly executed illustrations printed on t'shirts. The idea moved forward and a few "change the world" lovers came on board.

Today at Kromatz, we are proud to collaborate with a group of very talented illustrators, who are responsible for making our t'shirts real tools of expression. Together we are committed to provide our community with great products that make people stare, ask, debate and wear them proudly and consciously of their meaning. Our goal is to raise awareness, find solutions and create buzz around some important global issues.

Enjoy our collections and always share your thoughts on them.

If you need any help, send us an email to

Kromatz was founded with the mission of giving to those who care products that challenge and provoke thought, while working with the best artists from all over the world to raise awareness on global issues.