We work with talented international artists to create unique and meaningful designs.

We then screen print only 500 t'shirts of each design and offer a numbered certificate for your unique production number.

Kromatz t'shirts are a new way to express yourself by wearing something meaningful.

Investing the wrong way

Investing the wrong way

16 EUR

Peace, war and money go side by side, why all this wars still going on?! A strong message in a great illustration. Screen printed for a soft touch, this t'shirt will last more than some wars. Or not... :(

Unisex t'shirt featuring a reinforced crew neck and a slim fit screen printed with love in Portugal.

Shipping is free and comes with a numbered limited edition certificate and a tote bag gift for the first 200 orders!

Designed by Chubasco
Original Title "Investment in Peace"
Limited edition of 500 t'shirts